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MRF Share Price: The journey from Rs 11 to Rs 1 lakh, this is India’s most expensive share… Direct connection with Sachin and Kohli too!

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Most Costly Stock In India: You must have heard the name of share market. There are also many chances that you not only know the names of stock markets like BSE and NSE, but also do trading in the stock market. You must have also read such news that how a multibagger stock has doubled or tripled the money of its investors in a few days. Today we are not going to tell you the history of the share market or the story of any multibagger share, but we are definitely going to tell the story of a share whose journey is very interesting. The stock about which we are going to tell you today, started its journey with a price of a few rupees and today its price has reached lakhs.

The company is older than independent India

This is the story of India’s most expensive stock. The story of that company, which is almost equal to the age of independent India. Such a story, which started with the making of balloons, and today that balloon has filled so much air that not only Dalal Street but all the roads of the country and abroad are buzzing with it. The journey that started from a small plant has reached many big factories. The company started in slave India has spread its foot in many countries outside the country’s borders.

The journey started by making balloons…

This is the story of MRF. The country which dissolves cricket in its breath like oxygen, knows this name very well. The story is of the same MRF, whose name used to appear on Sachin Tendulkar’s bat and now shines on Virat Kohli’s bat. The story of the company began in the year 1946, when KMM Mappilai set up a small plant named Madras Rubber Factory. At that time, this company used to make children’s play balloons.


Source: ICC

Such a connection was made with Sachin and Kohli

Slowly the company’s work increased. Today, apart from Sachin and Kohli’s bats, MRF is identified with tyres. The company ventured into the tire manufacturing business in November 1960. At present, apart from tyres, this company manufactures many rubber products including toys, paints, conveyor belting. MRF is India’s number one tire company today. The company is known worldwide for manufacturing strong tyres. Currently, more than 18 thousand people are working in MRF company and the annual revenue of this company was about 20 thousand crore rupees last year.

This is the current share price of MRF

< p>Now let’s talk about the stock market. The introduction of MRF in the stock market was very common. In the beginning of the year 1993, the price of one share of MRF was just Rs 11. This stock was trading around 98 thousand rupees in the afternoon on Tuesday. Earlier during Monday’s trading, at one point of time MRF’s share had reached Rs 99,933.50.  While in futures trading, MRF’s share has crossed the Rs 1 lakh mark.

More than 9000 per cent returns

The company’s share prices increased accordingly. If we look at it, then it has made every investor rich, who would have shown patience and faith. If someone had bought just 1 share 30 years ago, he would have become a millionaire today. At the same time, investors who had invested just Rs 1,100 in MRF shares would have become millionaires today. This works out to an unimaginable return of 9,089 per cent in the last 30 years.

Why is MRF the most expensive stock?

Now that you have read this story If you have come to know then it is natural that a question arises in your mind that what is so special about MRF shares? MRF is not even in the top-10 on the basis of market capitalisation, meaning it is not a part of the list of India’s 10 largest listed companies… Neither is this company number-1 in earning, then what is the reason Its shares are the most expensive? The answer is- Never split the shares.


(Stock split. Source: Babson Dot Edu)

Generally, companies split shares after their stock price rises, so that more and more investors can buy their shares. can buy. Due to this, the price of shares decreases from time to time. MRF has never split its shares so far.

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