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OMG! Smoke comes out of the mouth as soon as it is eaten, Nitrogen Biscuit is the center of attraction in Bhind fair.

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Arvind Sharma / Bhind, These days the fair to be held in Bhind of Madhya Pradesh is in its last phase. A huge crowd of people is being seen here. In the last days of the fair, people are reaching here for cheap shopping. A huge crowd is gathering in the Bhind fair during the day as well as at night. There is such a stall in the fair where people stop without hesitation. Nitrogen Biscuit Stall is attracting people here.

Nitrogen Biscuits have attracted the most in the fair going on for the last one month in Bhind. Everyone, big or small, wants to have a new experience by eating it. Because nitrogen biscuit has come for the first time in Bhind fair. It is different from other biscuits. As soon as you eat this, a cloud of smoke starts coming out of your mouth. After taking a biscuit in the mouth, people are taking selfies of its smoke. A lot of enthusiasm is being seen in children for eating nitrogen biscuits.

Nitrogen gas is mixed in biscuits

Nitrogen biscuit is like a common biscuit, but nitrogen gas is mixed in it, due to which smoke comes out of the mouth as soon as it is kept in the mouth of the eater. A puff of smoke keeps coming out from the mouth of those who eat nitrogen biscuits in the fair for some time. There is a competition to take selfie after eating nitrogen biscuits in Bhind fair.

more like night than day

Munna ji, the owner of Nitrogen Biscuit Stall, says that he has brought this biscuit for the first time in Bhind. Its nitrogen gas, which is cold, we bring this gas from other districts. Mixing it in biscuits and keeping it in people’s mouth, smoke comes out from inside. It fascinates people a lot. More people are liking it at night than during the day, because the smoke is not visible properly during the day, but this view is different at night. This is the reason why there is a lot of demand for nitrogen biscuits at night.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : May 09, 2023, 12:45 IST


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