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Vastu Tips Remedies To Remove Negative Energy From Your House

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Vastu Tips For Home: Vastu Shastra is based on positive and negative energy. Sometimes, despite everything being right, there is no blessing in the house. Often there is an obstruction in the ready-made work. This happens because of Vastu defects of the house. If there is Vastu defect, negative energy comes in the house. Some remedies of Vastu are very effective to eliminate the negativity of the house from the root. know about it.

change the furniture

The furniture kept in the house also has an energy. The furniture of the house should be changed from time to time. Changing doesn’t mean buying new furniture but keep swapping their places. You can change the place of the bed kept in the bedroom. The sofa placed in the drawing room can also be changed after a few days. According to Vastu, by keeping any item at one place for a long time, its energy also remains tied there for a long time. That’s why the exchange of furniture should be done among themselves.

salt water wipe

Whenever you wipe the house, put a pinch of salt in it. Wiping salt has been considered a very effective remedy in Vastu. Along with killing germs, it also removes negative energy. Mopping with salt water regularly at home is beneficial. Putting rock salt in a glass vessel in the bedroom also removes negative energy from the house.

take out the junk

Junk kept in the house brings negative energy. Do not keep any unnecessary items of any kind in your house. If you are not using any item for a long time, then take it out of the house. If you have bad old electronics, furniture, broken items or old junk lying around, remove them from the house immediately. According to Vastu, the junk kept in the house attracts negative energy.

keep the house smelling good

Your house should always be kept fragrant. Bring fresh flowers to your house early in the morning and spread fragrance in your house. This changes the atmosphere of the house and brings positive energy. You can plant flowers from your own garden or buy flowers from the market and put them in the bouquet of the house in the morning.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Before implementing any information or belief, consult the relevant expert.


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