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Urfi Javed Madhuri Dixit | Urfi Javed accused Madhuri Dixit, said- ‘She was insulted because of him’

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Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Mumbai: Urfi Javed, who is often in controversies because of her off-colour clothes, has blamed Madhuri Dixit for not being invited to an event. He shared a post on social media saying, ‘Due to Madhuri Dixit, her name was removed from the guest list at the last moment’.

Urfi Javed has written on Twitter that Madhuri was the chief guest in this event. The event people invited me first and contacted my team. I accepted the invitation. Canceled all the plans, even arranged my outfit on the last occasion. But at the last moment, he told my team, ‘I am no longer invited to this event.’

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When my team asked him the reason, he said, ‘I am not included in Madhuri Dixit’s guest list.’ Hey brother! I’m dying to go somewhere… After calling someone, don’t do it at the last moment. get older.’ However, the event organizers termed Urfi Javed’s claim as a lie and said, ‘Nothing of her is worth trusting’.


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