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Gopalganj News: This street of Gopalganj is famous for spices, flavor increases when added to vegetables

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Saurabh Tiwari /Gopalganj, Spices play an important role in enhancing the flavor of any dish. Food without spices seems bland. You cannot imagine cooking if there is no spice in the kitchen. Spices are an important part of every kitchen. If there is homemade masala in it too, then the taste of the food becomes different. Now the tradition of preparing masala at home has almost ended. People buy spices from the market only.

Gopalganj News: This street of Gopalganj is famous for spices, flavor increases when added to vegetables

While buying spices from the market, this question definitely comes in people’s mind whether the spices they are buying are pure or not. Because nowadays there is a lot of adulterated spices in the market. People are not able to test the purity of spices. But there is nothing to worry about. We are going to introduce you to such a place in Bihar’s Gopalganj where you will get pure spices like home.

There is a street in the city of Gopalganj itself, whose name is Masala Gali. Everyone will tell you its address. Prepared masala is also kept here. Along with this, you can prepare the masala in front of you even while standing. Here you will find all types of spices that fit your kitchen at affordable rates.

The purity of the spices prepared in Masala Gali is guaranteed.
Spice shop Moolchand Prasad told that there are dozens of spice shops in the same line in the market of Gopalganj. That’s why people named this street as Masala Gali. Adulterated spices are not available in any shop here. Only pure spices are prepared here. The purity of the spices prepared from here is guaranteed and the quality is also better.

Apart from Gopalganj, people from Siwan, Chhapra and border areas of UP buy and take this spice from this street. Spices are sold here both wholesale and retail. People buy spices in bulk for the events held at home. Talking about spices, all types of powdered spices are available here. In which cumin powder, coriander powder, chili powder, turmeric powder, chili, hot spice powder are available. Along with this, a mixture of all the spices is also prepared and sold together.

Cumin powder is sold for Rs 600 per kg
Shopkeeper Moolchand Prasad told that there are four to five big shops in this street that prepare spices by themselves. Those who prepare and sell every spice by themselves. Apart from this, there are dozens of small shops as well. Those who get the spices prepared and sell them in their shop. So that people can get pure spices. The spices here make the vegetable very tasty.

The Masala Gali of Gopalganj has the same identity that there is no adulteration of any kind in the spices here. That’s why people come from far-flung areas to buy spices. Whoever takes the masala here once, he praises it a lot. There is a crowd of spice buyers here. Talking about the rate of spices, cumin powder is Rs.600 per kg, turmeric Rs.150 per kg, chili powder Rs.800 per kg, chilli powder Rs.300 per kg, coriander powder Rs.180 per kg and garam masala Rs.1600 per kg. On the other hand, Vikas Kumar, who is buying the spices, told that the spices in Masala Gali are very pure and its test is also different. He told that for the last two years, he is continuously buying spices from here and using them at home.

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