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People suffering from stray animals !

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Stray animals are becoming a big problem in states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Due to these animals, not only road accidents are happening, but people are also losing their lives.

stray animals

Unclaimed animals are causing a lot of damage to the farmers. Stray cattle are proving to be a headache for the farmers in Haryana as in other states.

On Wednesday, in a public dialogue program in Kurukshetra, when the issue of human death in attack of stray animals came up, Chief Minister Manohar Lal while assuring the people announced that five lakh would be given to the kin of the deceased in case of animal attack or death due to them.

It is correct that if such a death occurs, the Chief Minister will provide financial assistance to that family. This is his human side, but can it not happen that stray animals should not be seen in the streets and roads of the state.

The first thing is that those who leave the animals unattended should be found out and punished. The second thing is that more and more Gaushalas should be opened to take care of abandoned animals and they should be taken care of properly.

The compensation for deaths caused by stray animals is not five lakh rupees, but human life.

Material wealth cannot compensate a family whose one member is killed because of an abandoned animal. Due to abandoned animals, farmers are being forced to leave their fields. Herds of unclaimed animals clean the fields wherever they go.

No farmer can give up all his work and engage only in taking care of his farm.

If gaushalas are opened at every district, block and tehsil level and they are properly looked after, then this problem can be solved to some extent. Even this is not a complete solution though. It is better that people do not leave their animals unattended.

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sanjay maggu
Sanjay Maggu
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