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The Kerala Story Row | Big demand of NCP leader Jitendra Awhad, said- The producer of The Kerala Story should be hanged publicly

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New Delhi. Where on one hand the film ‘The Kerala Story’ has been released on May 5. At the same time, enthusiasm is being seen in a large number of people for this film. But even today, on the other hand, the controversy regarding the film is not taking its name. In this sequence, Jitendra Awhad, a strong leader of NCP in Maharashtra has now said that all the lies have been shown in the film, the filmmaker should be hanged publicly.

Not only this, he also said that the story of 3 women has been told as the story of 32 thousand. He said that 32 thousand women have been reported missing but the official figure is 3. There is no difference between 32 thousand and 3, whoever is the producer who made this fictional story should be hanged in the open square. He further said that not only the state is being maligned in the name of Kerala file, now women have also been maligned and those who are propagating it are not ashamed.

Significantly, while the film has been made tax-free in two states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, the film has not been able to reach theaters in Bengal and Tamil Nadu. The SC will now hear on May 15 the petition against the Kerala High Court’s order refusing to stay the release of the controversial film ‘The Kerala Starry’.


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