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Manipur Violence: Why did the riot happen in Manipur, what is the reason behind the orgy?

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Manipur has been on fire for the last several days, in such a situation, the situation of violence has also worsened, let us tell you why Manipur Violence tool is holding
Bawal is going on in Manipur for the last several days due to which people are facing a lot of problems.

Manipur Violence

On Wednesday, there was Manipur Violence during the tribal unity march, which has come under the grip of 8 districts. The Ministry of Home Affairs is keeping a close watch on the Manipur violence. Shoot at first sight has been ordered to control these situations.

Here the flag march is being done by the security forces, along with which every aspect is being monitored. Many people do not know about this matter and they want to go, so today we will tell you what is this violence?

90 percent of the hilly and 10 percent of the valley area comes under the territory of Manipur. Mainly 3 communities live in Manipur. Meitei, Naga and Kuki. Kuki and Naga are tribal communities.

On the other hand, Meitei are not tribal. The Meitei community accounts for about 53 percent, while the Nagas and Kukis together account for 40 percent. Not only this community but also the people of Muslim community live here. People from different parts of the country have settled in Manipur.

Let us tell you that the Manipur Violence of possession of land is believed to be the reason behind Manipur violence. Being a non-tribal community, 53% of the Meitei community is confined to 10% of the valley area of ​​the state. Of this, the hilly area is 90 percent, in which 40 percent of the Naga and Kuki communities live in the state.

Being non-tribals, the Nagas and Kuki Meiteis cannot live in the mountains. There is separate provision for accommodation for tribal Nagas and Kukis. Because of this, people of Naga and Kuki, Meitei communities are opposing the demand for Scheduled Tribe status.

Manipur Violence

According to the information, violence has been going on in Manipur for the last several days, on which the Manipur High Court says that the state government should consider the demand to include the Meitei community in the Scheduled Tribes.

On which people of this community say that this issue is not only about reservation in jobs or education but about their culture and identity. In protest against which tribal unity march was taken out after which violence broke out.

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