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Danger sign of cold in summer ?

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What is happening in nature? The third of May is passing and in North, Central, East and West India, there is torrential rain and somewhere hail is falling.

The temperature has dropped by about ten degrees Celsius from normal. In the days when it used to be very hot all over India, this time either the fan has to be stopped at night or a thin sheet has to be covered.

Meteorologists claim that there is no possibility of severe heatwave across India before May 10. May and June are the only months in which India experiences severe heat. By the way, summer starts from the last week of March itself.

In the month of May, the temperature in some states crossed 45 degree Celsius. From humans to birds and animals used to get disturbed, but this time in the month of April, from 11th to 20th, there was severe heat. In the rest of the days, the weather kept changing. Meteorologists claim that from April 29 to today i.e.

May 3, not only in North India, the temperature in East, Central and South India has been much lower than normal. These days, there is heavy snowfall in the Himalayan region, while there is heavy rain, thunderstorm and hailstorm in the plains.

Two days back, there were reports of hailstorm in some areas of Haryana, while earlier there were reports of severe heatwave and heatwave in these areas. The Meteorological Department believes that the reason for this change in the weather is the movement in the sea.

It is estimated that more such movements are yet to come in the sea, due to which a lot of change can be seen in the weather. The reason for this is believed to be the increase in the temperature of the whole earth. Due to the increasing temperature of the earth, movements are being created in the sea. The average temperature of the seas around the world is increasing, due to which the sea creatures are being adversely affected.

The result of these movements is that the temperature has dropped by 10 to 17 percent in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh etc. This is a record for the month of May which was never thought of before. Not only this, it was so hot in February of this year that it was even said that the record of 1901 was broken.

Then it was feared that this time all the summer records would be broken. But the contrary happened. Meteorologists are engaged in studying this unexpected change in the weather. It will take time for the results of his study to come.

But the change in nature has warned us. If we do not try to reduce the rising temperature of the earth, then a big crisis is waiting for us. The temperature of our country is falling these days, while countries like Europe, North Asia and Canada are getting warmer than expected.

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sanjay maggu
Sanjay Maggu
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