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Amidst the war with Ukraine, today is an important day in Russia, Victory Parade will take place, Putin will give a speech on Red Square, the whole world will be watching

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Russia holds Victory Parade Day amid tight security after drone attacks
Putin to deliver speech on Red Square, some events canceled due to security concerns.

Moscow: After the drone attacks in Russia, Victory Parade Day has been organized today amid tight security. This day is a public holiday in Russia. This parade is organized as the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. Russia takes out this parade on Red Square. Explain that tight security has been ensured in this area as there have been drone attacks on the Kremlin in the last several days and Russia has accused Ukraine for this act.

As reported by Reuters, on Victory Day people remember the sacrifices made by the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, in which around 27 million civilians were killed. The Russia-Ukraine war has been going on for 15 months, thousands of Russian soldiers have been killed in the war. Russia will also mourn its lost soldiers. Not only Russia is bombing Ukraine, but it itself is battling drone attacks. On the drone attacks on the Kremlin, Russia said that it was an attempt to assassinate President Vladimir Putin.

Today Russian President Putin will give a speech in Red Square
On the occasion of Victory Day, Putin will give a speech in Red Square, where he will be joined by many leaders of the former Soviet republics. In last year’s address, he made no mention of Ukraine, but criticized the NATO military alliance for expanding to Russia’s borders and praised Soviet heroism in resisting Hitler. Moscow also accused Kiev and the West of orchestrating a car bomb explosion on Saturday that injured Zakhar Prilepin, a prominent Russian nationalist writer. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called Ukrainian President Zelensky a “traitor”.

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